About Us

We are a team consisting of a social media influencer and a business professional based in Eastern Kentucky. We are passionate about using our platform to promote the culture of blue collar and diversity with our all-inclusive clothing line and to help bridge the gap between all walks of life. We have a combined experience of over 40 years in social media marketing, business development, and public relations.

Our Team

Cameron Tate Hoskins is the founder and CEO of our company. He has over 8 years of experience in social media marketing and business development. He is widely known as Cameron Tate Hoskins on TikTok garnering over 1.6 million followers and has a following on Instagram and Twitter rivaling any in his lane. His tag in is “Much Love” which he brings to his company and clothing brand as well. He has a passion for creating engaging content that will get people talking. His clothing line StagPride Apparel was created out of a Love for his geographical location in Eastern Kentucky and for the peoples that built this country. It is a blend of blue-collar toughness, coupled with a sense of style made with quality materials and workmanship. Inclusivity for all people guides his thoughts for this brand with more styles coming. He listens to what people want to wear and how it feels, this is a keen part of his designs.

Daelen Richardson is the business curator blending CBO/COO duties for the company and brand. He has a keen eye for forecasting the wants and needs of the business. There is never a thought of not being able to accomplish or bring to fruition the ideas of Cameron or any obstacles that would normally stand in the way of a start-up or established business. Having over 30 years of business development experience from start up to revitalizing a brand is his specialty. He is responsible for the overall strategy of Tate Hoskins Media, LLC and is responsible for the execution of it.

We are both passionate about our business, Eastern Kentucky, and we are committed to helping our community grow. We believe that by working together, we can create a brighter future for our region and the world. Come take the journey with us as we revolutionize inclusivity in our clothing brand and show your StagPride in who you are no matter how you identify, your sexual orientation, color of skin, how you worship or where you were born. We are all one in the eyes of StagPride. Much Love